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January 2024

The Botillo Festival presents its official logo

After the launch of the 50th anniversary commemorative logo, the Botillo Festival launches a logo with which it aims to reinforce its identity inside and outside the local area. The main objective is to enhance the event and establish its best tourist standing with a image encompassing all activities.

October 2023

Record dinner: 1,800 attendees

More than 1,800 people attended the dinner of exaltation of the botillo, achieving a record of participation and tasting of the sausage that we honor in Bembibre.

50th Anniversary Gala

On February 11, 2023, the Festival Nacional de Exaltación del Botillo celebrated its 50th Anniversary Gala. The Manuel Marqués Patarita pavilion was filled to capacity for both the institutional event and the subsequent dinner, which was attended by more than 1,800 people. It was the largest botillo tasting dinner to date. […]

November 2022

50th anniversary commemorative logo

On February 11th, 2023, Bembibre celebrates the 50th anniversary of the National Festival of Exaltation of the Botillo. To this end, he commissioned the creation of a commemorative logo for the gastronomic event par excellence to reinforce the brand on the occasion of this very special anniversary. This creativity is intended to serve as the basis for the future development of a definitive logo that supports the promotion of this Festival that continues to grow in all areas. […]

November 2021

February 2021

Covid-19 forces the Bembibre Botillo Festival to be suspended for the first time

For the first time in history, the National Festival of Exaltation of Botillo de Bembibre has not been able to be held as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

February 2017

The Bembibre botillo arrives in Antarctica

Bembibre' Botillo Festival connects with Antarctica where a group of scientists and soldiers from the Army took advantage of the celebration to taste the 'king' sausage cooked with iceberg water.

January 2016

First twinning due to ties to the botillo

The Botillo Festival begins a series of twinnings with municipalities linked to sausage or any of its ingredients. The first is with Jaraíz de la Vera (Cáceres), famous for its paprika.

February 2012

The World Cup presides over the Botillo

Taking advantage of the presence of the President of the Spanish Football Federation as maintainer, the World Cup won by 'la roja' in 2010 came to Bembibre where it remained on display to the public and presided over the Botillo gala dinner.

February 2011

Jornadas de Pinchos del Botillo (Tapas Days)

For the first time, Bembibre hosts the so-called Jornadas de Pinchos del Botillo (tapas), an initiative in which hoteliers will take advantage of the celebration of the Botillo Festival to offer their customers specific tapas made with sausage.

Inauguration of the Bembibre Arena

The 18th February 2011 Bembibre’s council oficialy opened the Bembibre Arena. The Bembibre Arena emerged as a multipurpose venue, and among its non-sports uses it was proposed that it be the headquarters of the Farm and Food Fair, as it has been since the inauguration of the pavilion. For the occasion, Manuel Chaves Third Vice President of the Government attended the event.

May 2008

Festival of National Tourist Interest

The Secretary of State for Tourism, dependent on the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of the Government of Spain, agreed on this day to grant Bembibre’s Botillo Festival title of Festival of National Tourist Interest.

November 2005

First Botillo Festival in Cape Verde

With a symbolic character, Bembibre took his emblematic sausage to Cape Verde, within the framework of the twinning protocol between the town of Boeza and the Chamber of Sâo Domingos. He was the first international Botillo.

December 2000

Festival of Regional Tourist Interest

It was the second most important institutional recognition for the Botillo Festival. From this moment on, it was considered a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest.

July 2000

Badge of Honour of Castilla y León

The Permanent Tourism Commission of Castilla y León valued the Bembibre City Council's proposal to qualify for the Badge of Honour of Castilla y León awards. This recognition serves to reward the relevant services provided to the tourism sector in its various forms.

February 2000

The begining of the Farm and Food Fair from Bierzo

This initiative arose in the 28th edition of the National Festival of Exaltation of Botillo de Bembibre. It was presented as a parallel activity to enrich the gastronomic event of the town of Boeza.

February 1995

Dinner is moved to the Sport Centre

The growing interest in participating in the Festival del Botillo de Bembibre made it necessary to have a space that could accommodate a larger number of diners. In 1995, the complicated challenge of taking the event out of the New Brothers Restaurant was decided.

March 1992

Creation of the Municipal Festival Board

The Municipal Board of Fiestas was formed by various groups and municipal representatives. Among its tasks is the organization of the Botillo Festival.

February 1990

1990- Establishment of the Cultural Week

During the years 1988 and 1989 there were specific cultural activities that culminated in 1990 with the reinstatement and consecration of the Botillo Cultural Week.

February 1985

February 1984

February 1982

Dinner at New Brothers

The problem of lack of space was solved in the early 80's when the Festival moved to the New Brothers Restaurant. With this, it was possible to increase the capacity by just over two hundred diners. The dinner was therefore dispersed on the three floors of the venue, preventing good communication and preventing all diners from attending the mantenedor speech.

February 1975

June 1973

1973- First Botillo de Bembibre Festival

Bembibre’s Botillo Festival started in 1973, with Alberto Blanco Riego being mayor. It was in the month of June, coinciding with the Exit of the Saint celebration, which is held every seven years.

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