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Mantenedores (Chairpeople)

Mantenedores (Chairpeople)

Since the beginning Bembibre´s Botillo Festival has had the figure of the «mantenedor» (chairman / chairwoman). It is a task with the highest honours that is attributed to a personality, generally of greater significance than the municipality, who acts as master of ceremonies of the event to enhance the knowledge of the Botillo and the diffusion of the Festival.

This position has been held by people of outstanding importance and recognized prestige in their professions. Proof of this is that two Presidents of Spain (José María Aznar and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero) have served as mantenedores; two presidents of the Autonomous Community; and award-winning representatives from the world of literature, communication and arts.

With their speeches and proclamations, the mantenedores have enriched and ennobled, the excellence of botillo, not only the typical dish itself, but also the traditions, culture and values of Bierzo in general and Bembibre specially. Contributing, with them presence, to give greater prominence to this gastronomic and cultural event.

List of chairpeople

Below you can see the list of mantenedores-chairpeople who have previously represented the Bembibre´s Botillo Festival since its inception in 1973.

By clicking on the image you can access a brief review of the mantenedores-chaimers. The review focuses on their trajectory until the year they were mantenedores.

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