Farm and Food Fair

Farm and Food Fair

Bembibre´s Farm and Food Fair was born in 2000. It was promoted as an event to complement and promote the Botillo Festival, but focusing in the farming and food field.

The first editions were called “Sample and Tasting of Products from Bierzo and Bembibre.”

Nowadays, it is a must and one of the main attractions of Bembibre’s National Festival for the Exaltation of Botillo, held during the same weekend as the central events and the gastronomic tasting.

The origins in Santa Bárbara Square

Bembibre´s Farm and Food Fair was placed in Santa Bárbara Square until 2010.

Traditional performance in front of the Fair tent / Bembibre City Council Archive

It had an excellent reception with the consequent popular response, which was key to maintain it in the following editions. At that time, the Botillo Festival still did not have the status of National Tourist Interest event.

After ten editions growing in visitors. It exceeded 10,000 visitors during the three days of the Fair, in 2011. The event took a step further with its transfer to the Bembibre Arena pavilion, the year of its inauguration.

It is a fair that promotes provincial and national handcrafts, endorsed by quality brands and with “protected designation of origin” and “protected geographical indication“, to promote development in rural areas.

The development of this fair is, due to its reception and the large number of visitors who favour the economy, an important piece for exhibitors and for the local service sector.

Bembibre Arena

The Bembibre Arena emerged as a multipurpose venue, and among its non-sports uses it was proposed that it be the headquarters of the Farm and Food Fair, as it has been since the inauguration of the pavilion.

The venue has indoor and outdoor auditoriums, with capacity for up to 2,500 people located in the spectator area in each of the two spaces.

The multipurpose stage is located at the back. The indoor venue has folding and mobile stands to position them towards the stage or the central court, or to create an enclosure with stands for the organization of the different fairs. It is used by the Bembibre women’s basketball team as their court.

The Fair is located in the sports area, but it is decorated with special ornamentation for the occasion and delimited to allow the stands of the different exhibitors to be located.

Information for exhibitors

If you are an exhibitor and you are interested in participating in the next edition of Bembibre´s Farm and Food Fair, you can contact the organization calling at: +34 987510001.

The Department of Culture will determine the maximum number of stands. Those who have participated in previous editions will have preference. Those who have participated in previous editions will have preference.

It is essential that the products are from the agro-food sector (agricultural or livestock food products, also including elaborated beverages such as wines, spirits or beers…), regardless of their place of origin.

You can also contact through the web form that you will find in the CONTACTsection of this web page.