Bembibre’s National Festival for the Exaltation of Botillo launches its website

Bembibre’s Botillo Festival has a website,, to promote botillo’s cultural and gastronomic event. It is a dynamic site that will be updated periodically in order to give information about each edition. The objective was to achieve an attractive web page, with a strong visual impact, easy navigation. A site with all the content to [...]

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Inauguration of the Bembibre Arena

The 18th February 2011 Bembibre’s council oficialy opened the Bembibre Arena. The Bembibre Arena emerged as a multipurpose venue, and among its non-sports uses it was proposed that it be the headquarters of the Farm and Food Fair, as it has been since the inauguration of the pavilion. For the occasion, Manuel Chaves Third Vice President of the Government attended the event.

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