Objective: to obtain the declaration of manifestation of International Tourist Interest

The City Council of Bembibre will begin the process that allows an international recognition of the Festival de Exaltación del Botillo. With her sights set on the 50th anniversary (in 2022), the Councilor for Culture and Festivities, Belén Martín, considers that she must take this step because of her career and the interest that arouses each year.

«We are going to start moving» this international statement, said the mayor, which will involve a greater projection of the event.

Martín assured that this year the Botillo Festival has had a greater impact, especially in the national media, with a review included in the program of the maintainer, España Directo.

The overall balance has been positive, «I think everything went very well,» considered the councilor, as a result of the perception at street level. «And we are very satisfied because the work was very hard.»

With this, «we are going to start working on next year because I think we have set the bar very high, and to overcome it will be difficult,» he concluded.

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