Tickets for the Botillo dinner will go on sale on January 9

ENTRADAS ONLINE AGOTADAS. Only 300 tickets available at physical point of sale People interested in attending the Botillo Festival dinner can purchase tickets from next Monday, January 9, online. Subsequently, on January 18 and 19, a face-to-face point of sale will be set up at the Casa de las Culturas. […]

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The Bembibre’s National Festival for the Exaltation of Botillo presents its commemorative logo of the 50th anniversary

The Councilor for Culture, Festivals, Tourism and Commerce of the Bembibre City Council, Belén Martín Díaz, today presented the commemorative logo for the 50th anniversary of the Botillo Festival, a cultural and gastronomic event that will take place on February 11th. […]

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The Bembibre’s Botillo Festival continues to gain followers after the extraordinary reception of the XLIX edition

Bembibre wanted to enjoy his National Botillo Exaltation Festival again after the suspension of activities in 2021 due to Covid-19. For this reason, it is not surprising that this 49th edition returned in style, and in fact the mayor of Bembibre, Silvia Cao, during her speech was no stranger to the health emergency experienced until [...]

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“Con el alma engalanada”, round table at the Cultural Week of the Botillo Festival

This Thursday, March 17, the Cultural Week of the National Festival of Exaltation of the Botillo will focus on the Bembibre Sewing Workshop, following the common thread of this edition of the gastronomic event. It will be with a round table, moderated by the Bembibrense journalist María Ángeles Cebrones, entitled “Con el alma engalanada”, at [...]

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These are the creations of the establishments participating in the Botillo Pinchos Days (Jornada de Pinchos del Botillo)

Last Friday the Botillo Pinchos Days began and the jury is already preparing the verdict that will decide the name of the winner. There are still three days left for those who have not tasted these gastronomic delights, to enjoy their drink with a botillo skewer. It will be this coming weekend, coinciding with the [...]

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The Murcian Miguel Sánchez Robles wins the literary contest of the XLIX Bembibre’s National Festival for the Exaltation of Botillo

The professor of Geography and History and writer Miguel Sánchez Robles (Caravaca de la Cruz, 1957) has been the winner of the literary contest of the Bembibre’s Botillo Festival with the story Rosi “La blonde”. […]

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Luis Larrodera, chairman of the XLIX Bembibre’s National Festival for the Exaltation of Botillo that will feature the performance of Pastora Soler

The presenter, actor, comedian and announcer from Zaragoza, Luis Larrodera, will be the maintainer of the XLIX National Festival of Exaltation of Botillo de Bembibre, which will be held on March 19 in the Manuel Marqués Patarita pavilion. The musical note will be borne by the artist Pastora Soler, who will present some of the [...]

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