Leo Harlem

The Actor and comedian Leonardo González (Leo Harlem), was one of the protagonists of the successful TV show El Club del Chiste. Harlem was mantenedor (chairman) of Bembibre’s National Festival for the Exaltation of Botillo on its XXXIX edition. He was born in Matarrosa del Sil, but he grown up in Valladolid. Leo Harlem, who [...]

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Valentín Carrera

The writer and filmmaker Valentín Carrera was mantenedor (chairman) of Bembibre’s National Festival for the Exaltation of Botillo on its XXXVIII edition. Carrera is from el Bierzo and he is Closely linked with the cultural field of Bembibre in its Tardes de Cine and as presenter of “Viaje interior por la Provincia del Bierzo”, which [...]

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Beatriz Corredor

Beatriz Corredor, Minister of Housing since 2008 was chairwoman of the XXXVII Bembibre’s Botillo Festival. In this edition the festival already held the title of National Tourist Festival. Born in Madrid, on July 1st, 1968. Beatriz Corredor is a Spanish jurist and politician, Law degree in the Autonomous University of Madrid. In the political field, [...]

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Manuel Quijano

Manuel Quijano, born in León in 1967. He is a musician, composer, producer and singer, as well as member of the group Café Quijano. In 2008 he was mantenedor (chairman) of Bembibre’s National Festival for the Exaltation of Botillo on its 36th edition. He began his musical career with his brothers Óscar and Raúl with [...]

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Eva Hache

Eva María Hernández Villegas, best known as Eva Hache, was mantenedora (chairwoman) of Bembibre’s National Festival for the Exaltation of Botillo in 2007. She comes from the theatre world but her popularity appeared when leading her own TV programme in 2007 «La Noche Hache», a comedy show. There is a funny anecdote related with Hache. [...]

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Silvia Clemente

Silvia Clemente Municio is Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León. One of the key positions to help promoting Bembibre’s Botillo Festival. She was born in the Segovian, La Velilla, in Pedraza municipality, on September 6th, 1967. Degree in Law in 1990 from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). In [...]

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Carmen Calvo

Carmen Calvo Poyato (CabraJune 7th, 1957) is a constitutional jurist, university lecturer and politician in the Socialist Party (PSOE). In April 2004, a few months before Bembibre’s Botillo Festival, she was appointed Minister of Culture of the Government with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. Bembibre did not overlook the appointment of the new Minister at a [...]

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Tomás Villanueva

The Economy and Employment Councillor of the Junta de Castilla y León, Tomás Villanueva, has been elected as chairman at the 32nd Bembibre’s National Festival for the Exaltation of Botillo. He was born in Valladolid on February 25th, 1953. Degree in Law at University of Valladolid, he was legal advisor to the Popular parliamentary group [...]

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Juan Vicente Herrera

The president of the Government of Castilla y León, Juan Vicente Herrera, was mantenedor (chairman) of Bembibre’s National Festival for the Exaltation of Botillo on its XXXI edition. His presence in the event was used to inaugurate the new Theatre Benevivere. Law degree in 1978, lawyer between Burgos and Madrid from 1987 to 1992, at [...]

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Alfonso Ussía

Alfonso Ussía was chairman in the XXX Bembibre’s Botillo Festival, which was held on February 2nd, 2002. Linked with El Bierzo thanks to his family (specifically, with the city of Ponferrada), this writer and journalist from Madrid began to emerge very young. Actually almost learned to read self-taught. His first job was in the Documentation [...]

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